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Information Session Registration

The session was held April 27, 2019.  Please watch for information on next years session that will be held in the spring 2020.

Is falconry for you? Not sure how to get started and want to learn more? This session is a great opportunity for those thinking about getting into the sport as well as anyone who would like a refresher course from experienced falconers on some of the basics.


Some of the topics under discussion will be:

  • Falconry is hunting with a bird of prey – is this really for me?

  • Finding a sponsor and Alberta Regulation

  • Raptor species used in falconry and what is best suited to the novice hunter

  • Weight management of hunting raptors

  • Facilities and equipment – the expenses involved and how to build a safe mews

  • Handling a raptor

  • Hunting with a bird of prey

Please note: Participants will not be handling any birds of prey. The setting is a classroom-like environment.  There will be demonstrations with raptors during the session.

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