Scott Taylor, President
Scott has been practicing falconry for the past 8 years.  Falconry is a family affair in the Taylor household and the majority of their spare time is consumed by falconry related things.  Scott is currently flying a young Red-tail on snowshoe hare and has experience flying Northern Goshawks.  Scott is an avid big game hunter, using a compound bow for the majority of his hunts.  Scott also enjoys fly fishing during the moulting months.  Scott took on presidency in 2015.  His hope for the club is to provide a welcoming place for all members to practice a sport that members are passionate about.  
Deone, Secretary
Deone has been practicing falconry for seven years, currently she flies a chamber raised prairie falcon.  Deone's first bird was a Harlan's Hawk and she also flew an American Kestrel for 2 seasons.  Deone and her family raise pheasants for release, as well as chickens and peafowl.  When Deone is not out flying her bird she enjoys fly fishing, camping, and baking.  
Udo Hanebam, Treasurer

Udo has always had an interest in falconry and had the pleasure as a child in Germany to occasionally watch falconers in the field. He finally started falconry about 15 years ago in Alberta after moving to Lethbridge.  Jon Groves was his sponsor and during many outings, Steve Schwartze became a great mentor.  Udo first flew Redtails as a novice and mostly tiercel Peregrines since then.  During the summer Udo spends his time training and occasionally testing his wirehaired pointer and going fly fishing in the mountains. Udo's favorite highlights of the year (other than season opening day), are attending the annual club BBQ in summer and falconry meet in fall.  There are many interesting stories being told by equally interesting characters.  Udo encourages all members and potential members to attend these gatherings as you not only meet great people, but there is a wealth of information available.

Phil Trefry, Director
Phil Trefry started falconry as a teenager in British Columbia and has been a member of the AFA since it began. He moved to Alberta in 1971 to being working for the Canadian Wildlife Service at their Peregrine Falcon captive breeding facility. That work is long over but he continues to breed anatum Peregrine Falcons and fly them near Tofield, Alberta, with his wife Helen. He enjoys helping new falconers find the same enjoyment and appreciation of the raptors in the sport as he has been fortunate to enjoy for decades.
Trevor Schell, Director
Trevor has been a general falconer flying hawks at gophers and snowshoe hare since 2006.   Walking through the forests in the Edmonton area with my dog and a hawk following along in the trees above makes for great days whether we have success or not.  Being a member of the Alberta Falconry Association has afforded me to meet and fly birds with some exceptional people that have had a real impact on the preservation of Raptors in Canada. 

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